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(for boysgirls and grown ups)​​​​​​

Age 8-16 yrs
Sundays 5.30 - 6.30pm
£40 per month for two people

Our Family Strength Camp was designed because we know that starting something new on your own can be scary, for both adults and children.

What better way to get into exercise than alongside a family member?

Our own girls love training with us, so we thought maybe other girls and boys would appreciate the opportunity to train alongside their Mum, Dad or another grown up.

The only requirement is that every person aged over 18 must be accompanied by a girl or boy aged 9 to 16.

Like the Girls and Boys Strength Camp, the sessions focus on coaching participants to lift weights, in a way which is appropriate to their age, individual strength and fitness levels.

We do everything we can to ensure that everybody feels comfortable and supported in the gym environment.

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